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Get to Know Me

Jillian Junkins

Since 2009, I’ve been providing experienced and reliable services that pet owners can count on. With over a decade of experience, I understand the expectations of all pet parents. The biggest difference with me versus most pet sitters is that I do this full-time for a living and have for the past four years. That means your dogs are not left alone during the day while I go to a typical 8-5 job!

That’s why I am dedicated to ensuring every animal is safe & happy in every situation — providing real solutions to the most common problems pet owners face. Still, I'm always learning about new care and training techniques and pride myself on improving my skill set so that I can be the best Pet Care Provider in Colorado.

A bit about my personal history with animals; I grew up with cats and reptiles. In my adult life I got my first dog Onyx, a pitsky, who I diligently trained myself. I have also personally owned an Australian shepherd/husky mix as well as a plotthound. I do not currently have any dogs, although on occasion, Onyx will be with me and joining me on stays (with owner permission and animals meeting) once again. 

I have worked with horses on-and-off for half of my life. I have experience with multiple breeds including but not limited to; Arabians, Off-The-Track Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds, various breeds of draft horses, as well as miniature horses. I used to competitively ride English-Pleasure but my most recent experience has been working with Miracles Therapeutic Riding in Erie, Colorado including starting a green-horse for the therapy program. 

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